Etno's Story

“Blending traditional textiles with modern styles”

The story continues…

In the era of high technology and fast fashion, there are still numerous artisans in Serbia trying to preserve old crafts and family traditions. They are trying to protect the ancient manufacturing processes and techniques and keep them alive in the small shops that exist today.

Masters of old crafts have preserved their knowledge and skills and transformed them into handcrafts of outstanding beauty and we have joined forces with them in the heart of Serbia to craft these beautiful straps.

Our sustainable cotton straps come from the idea of the oldest elements of garment (pojas) used to hold traditional Serbian folk costumes. They are handmade by weaving using a loom device whereby two distinct sets of threads are interlaced at right angles to form the strap. They come in multicoloured varieties of blue, red and purple. 

These unique straps are designed to be attached to anything and will add colour to your outfit. No two are the same!



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