Our Story

Our story begins in the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur's busiest markets. We were captivated by the vibrant colours, the aromas, the passionate artisans and of course, the unique and beautiful arts and crafts that were on display. It was right at that very moment when we had a vision of creating a bridge between these handmade pieces that we discovered and our home in the Western world. We are passionate about exposing these amazing little treasures from areas of South East Asia and this is exactly why Batik London was formed.  

   We believe in keeping both heritage and culture alive within all of Batik London pieces. We want them to be authentic and organic, encompassing the traditional and natural processes involved with it's creation as well as preserving the goodness from the raw materials used. We make sure that this is carried out without any interference from us. We work with female artists, designers and crafts(wo)men from all areas of the world. Each piece holds a story of the individual artist. It is important to know who made your piece, where it was made and how, as it enables all of us to be more socially and environmentally conscious.  

                                                                                                           Founders: Dee & Anita