Batik London is an online boutique store that aims to be the bridge that connects styles from all over the globe with Western fashion, sourcing beautiful, handmade and unique fashion accessories directly to the Western world. Our vision is to showcase the work of talented artisans and bring their art and creations to customers in the UK who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy these treasures unless they were traveling to the area where the piece originates. Batik London is inspired by culture, travel and a passion for discovering unique lifestyle pieces. 

As seen in TATLER

As seen in Tatler

Southeast Asia meets the West

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Batik London pieces are each delicately crafted with care and skill. We work with talented female artisans who create all of the pieces by hand. Every piece has a story and we want to share this with the Western World. 


The inner lining of these rattan bags are made using batik techniques. It is an art and craft originating from Southeast Asia. Artists use brushes to paint colourful dyes within the outlines which allows for the creation of shaded and multi-hued
designs. They are patterned with floral, dotted and geometrical motifs which follow traditional South East Asian patterns.

Beautifully Unique

Batik London's current pieces come directly from Southeast Asia with the use of sustainable materials such as raw rattan, as much and where ever possible. They are conversation starters with truly niche designs, each piece being one of a kind.